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Ross Aug 27, 2014
Yes, Move Less … Get Good! for sure.

Now, on the downswing, once your back shoulder touches your chin, you want to allow your head to come up and out to face the target. This means the you do not try to keep holding your chest. It too, comes along. In other words, you don’t want anything restricting the body’s rotation… you go along with it to the finish.

This “chest hold” idea is about staying on the ball… which makes the golf swing a “wind”, “unwind” movement vs. slide off the ball, then try to slide back (really not good). This works with setup 60% weight on the front foot, and keep it there on the backswing, which makes for very solid impact. Yes, it takes practice, but you’ll want to do it once your see the results. Also, when you practice this, you’ll have many solid hits, and then know immediately when you’ve moved off the ball and how to fix it