Reply To: How Far Back on the Backswing? Backswing Length


larry May 10, 2016
The topic of back swings and distance reminds me of playing golf with my friend Ed. Ed is 85. Twenty years ago his handicap varied between zero and three. Now its fourteen. We played last week. His back swing goes only a short way past his trailing sock. No drive goes over 180 yards, but in the center of the fairway. He hits lots of fairway woods or hybrids into the greens, almost all a short distance from the pin. His hands are still steady with a putter and never three putts. On the front nine he was even par through the eighth hole. A wayward second shot ended with a double bogey on nine. The back nine is a little tougher and he shoots 41 for a 79. I shoot 92.
So, i am thinking, which is more important; distance or direction? I think accuracy combined with good course management can give some very good results. My next round may find me taking more club and playing with a shorter back swing.