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Anthony225 Oct 02, 2021
This was always something difficult for me to grasp. When you watch some good players it appears that they lift their arms in the backswing (and some do). But what happens in my experience is that as you rotate your shoulders in the backswing the arms “lift” due to the back elbow running out of room. When the back elbow runs out of room it starts to fold causing the front arm to lift. But the front arm doesn’t lift on its own. If the front arm lifts on its own I get disconnected and then the club gets left behind when I turn my hips on the downswing. One backswing thought that has been helping me is that during the backswing the back elbow should “feel” like its not too far from the right hip. This is a feel only and by too far it more of the plane that the back elbow and shoulders travel on if that makes sense. So on my backswing I now feel that my should turn back puts my back elbow in position to return back in front of the right hip with no independent from the arms.