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DaveF Oct 05, 2021
Stick with it! I am 6 years into this now (might be 7? and learning to turn your shoulders vs just moving your arms would be beneficial to the vast majority of golfers I see. I have found that “good” golfers actually compliment people with compact backswings. I struggle with this as much as anyone, but one thing I do now that helps as part of the routine is I turn my shoulders before addressing the ball ala the big muscles drill and mentally note where the right elbow stops with no arm interference. This has the benefit of building in a pause at the top (rhythm) and not “trying to hit the ball in the backswing”. My fatal flaw (one of them anyway) is if I am not focused on JUST the downswing I’m toast. As a drill, I find the “acid test” of whether I’m making progress is finding the top of the backswing position, and then hitting balls from there. Like Ross has mentioned, watch Matsuyama, and then try to hold that pause even longer, or just start from there, from the top. It also helps with the instinct people often have of “worrying they will get back to the ball” (another thing I’m guilty of). Anyway, sorry to go on, but I’ve been pretty quiet since I observed I was “oversharing” a few years ago!