A Quick Post with Good Stuff!!

I just sent this (and a video) to an online student for their Swing Analysis and I thought, there are some get concepts here, I’m going to just post it! So hope you find a nugget or two… Ross

Here are some key points for you to improve your golf swing:

1. Setup with you elbows closer together and keep them that way during the swing (feel them pinching a little).
2. Allow your arms and club to hang closer to your body, so you can sit down (not reach out). Try to get the look of a quarterback. A ready, not reaching or leaning out.
3. Play the ball just inside your front foot so you can learn to turn on your left side. As the clubs get shorter, the back foot gets closer to the front, the ball does not move back.
4. Use your shoulders to wind your arms and club around your spine. Do not to add the little extra arm lift at the top.
5. Once the shoulder turn is finish, start the downswing using your hips/thighs to unwind all the way to face the target. Knees will be touching and you will be in balance. Your body rotation unwinding, pulls your arms/club back down in front of your body and around to the left (right hander)

Now once you learn to turn, you will see much more power, but if you continue to use your hands, the ball will go left. Keep your hands passive and use your turn to hit and the ball will be long and straight. Please let me know how you are doing and if you have any questions.

Thank you…. Ross

Like a "Spring"

I think this analogy will help define what I mean when I use the term Large Muscles, and how the lower body, resists at the start of the takeaway, while the front shoulder starts the club straight back.

If you were to hold a spring between your hands vertically, and your were to rotate both hands equally to the right, there is absolutely no potential or torque created when the top and bottom of the spring move together. The spring has NOT been loaded up. Well, when you use both your hips and shoulders to wind up on the backswing, NO POTENTIAL, NO POWER!! Also, if you start your takeaway with your hips first sliding towards your back foot, you are actually trying to wind the spring from the middle. Does not work, NO POWER.

But, we need power and potential, right!!. Here’s how. Hold the front knee to restrict your hips, as you push the club straight back with the front shoulder. The club travels straight back and UP (not inside). This is like giving your shoulders a head start. Then, just start the downswing with your hips unwinding (not sliding) all the way to the finish. The finish is when your knees are touching, your belt buckle is left of the target and you are totally up on the toe of your back foot. If you are having trouble starting with the hips, you probably slid to your back foot and are stuck there. NO SLIDE on the takeaway, just turn your shoulders against a restricted lower body…Ross

Effortless, Balanced Complete Finish – Gives you the Answer

… now for the “Question” … “Am I using the “Large Muscles” correctly and completely or do I still need some work?” The answer lies in your Finish.

I have watched tens of thousands of swings teaching over the years. I can tell you how someone will finish before they swing (by their setup). But the one thing almost every golfer does the moment the ball leaves the club face is… STARE AT THE BALL AND FOLLOW IT AND NOT PAY MUCH ATTENTION TO WHAT THEIR BODY IS DOING AT THAT POINT. Most golfers can not hold their finish and are stepping back or in another direction as to not fall. Even many pros fall back with a reverse pivot from letting their hands take over during the swing.

Now the real solid ball strikers look like they could stand all day in their finish. That is because they’re using Large Muscles to unwind from ground up. Steve Stricker is a great example of this. When he is finished, he is Balanced on his front leg, knees touching, completely up on his back toe, facing the target. He is not falling back or bending right or left to stay balanced.

Don’t be mislead by comments about over swinging making you fall or swing easy, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH SWING EASY. It is swing correctly. Tiger can swing out of his shoes and still be balanced when he’s done, because he unwinds from ground up (when he is swinging well). Now Phil is a perfect example of someone who, when he unwinds and turns (in stead of throwing his hands) finishes balanced and is in control, but watch him on his bad ball striking days, he falls back because his hands took over. Learning to keep you hands passive or constant during the swing will allow the Large Muscles to take control of the swing for very consistent direction and distance. When you don’t manipulate the club face (with the hands) the face is always square and returns square and golf is fun.

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