Changing Your Golf Swing

Changing your golf swing is like changing the path you take to a particular room in your house. Your current golf swing has a routine that starts in room 1, goes to room 2, then 3 and finally in room 4 you take your swing. When you follow this routine or path, you are in your comfort zone and have the best chance for consistency.

Now, if you take a different route, through different rooms, your mind will be apprehensive, and you’ll not be sure of yourself, until you trust the new path, it becomes familiar and replaces the old path. This takes time and many repetitions sticking with the new routine. This is very doable as long as you stay focused and have discipline.

The golf swing I teach is simple, athletic and repeatable. What is different with my method is the setup, which prepares you for your new swing. If you don’t follow the setup, or add to the setup or leave something out, you’ll struggle. My method does not have many setup pieces once learned and will give you confidence that you are ready to take your golf swing.

One last thing. If you want to make changes in your swing, you must start from a new room and take a new path, and you will become successful. (Hint) if you lose focus and start in your old room 1, you’ll just get your old golf swing or a hybrid of old and new (not good).

More Efficient Power = Distance

Power comes from Winding the shoulders first from Top Down, while resisting with the Lower Body. What I mean is… the backswing will use the shoulders to wind the arms and club around the spine, AS YOU RESIST* with the lower body. In other words, holding your lower body still while the shoulders turn first to get a head start. Eventually the hips are pulled over a little from the shoulder turn (the hips do not move on their own or slide at all to the back foot… if you want power you need resistance)…. Now on the downswing you unwind from ground up… start with the hips pulling the arms back down in front of the body as you keep turning. The faster you unwind, the farther the ball goes… just like throwing a ball.

The above paragraph has a lot of good stuff. Once learned, you will hit the ball very far with all clubs. There is no magic trick other than practice and repetition… Ross

*One great way to “resist”, is to keep the back knee braced inward, as your shoulders wind up on the backswing. Try to keep 60% of your weight on the front foot on the backswing. You’ll be able to return back to the ball much easier.

If you’re gonna “Lay-Up”, “Lay-Up”

Course Management… what’s that? Well, a big part of the battle in golf is making the right decisions. What club to use, what line to choose etc. I was playing with another pro-friend one day and there was a hazard that crossed the fairway about 180 yds. in front of us. I took a club that I thought would go about 175 yds. and the ball ended Continue reading “If you’re gonna “Lay-Up”, “Lay-Up””