Putting Start Ball on Line you See

Watching the Players Tournament, someone mentioned how hard it was sometimes to get the ball started or rolling on the line you want. This can be hard to do when your putting technique has problems. This is not a problem, when your putting stroke is sound and controlled using the Large Muscles.

A very common problem with putting is using the hands and arms to move the putter back and through. The hands and arms are not reliable muscles to use for putting. The hands can open/close the face or even change the loft and the golfer does not even know they’re doing it.

Pretty much, where the putter face is pointing at impact, is where your ball is going to roll. If you learn to line up the putter face 90° to your path, and don’t change it back and through, it will start the golf ball on the line you want and hit the sweet spot every time for consistent line & distance. If you learn to use just your shoulders to move your arms/club back and through, and not move ANYTHING ELSE during the stroke, you will be a consistent putter.

The hard part (at first) is learning to get the putter face 90° to your path. To get this, you let the putter hang down below your shoulders with the face square to your shoulder line. If you take small strokes back and through, using ONLY your shoulders, you can see how the face looks with respect to the path it is moving on. Is it Closed to the path… Open to the path or Square to the path (Bingo!!). You have to learn to look at the relationship of the face to your path to be a great putter.

Once you learn to get the face square to the path, then use your feet to line up the putter face behind the ball (don’t let the hands change anything, just hold the shape and snuggle up square to the ball). This way, the putter stays square (90°) with your path. Then use the Shoulder to move the arms/putter back and through.